Christian greeting cards for anyone who needs

a word of encouragement

In life it isn’t always possible to avoid misfortune, especially considering the number of forms it can take.

Whether it arrives as depression, addiction, divorce, loneliness, loss, illness, or some other type of setback, sometimes we just can’t save our loved ones- or even ourselves.

Sometimes someone else has to come to our rescue.

And rescue can start with a word.

A word of encouragement. A word of hope. A word of truth on which to stand.

If you know someone, or you are someone, who needs help and hope-

here are some words spoken over you, to you, for you.

I hope they become your words of rescue, of faith, and lead you to the One who can help when no one else can. 

What makes these Christian greeting cards unique?

Circular shape

These are not the usual, expected shape of a good-ol’ every-day rectangular card.

Instead, they have a unique round shape, chosen to commemorate the smiley faces Linda always added to her signature at the end of notes and letters.

See the about page for more details on design and inspiration behind the cards.

Faith you can stand on

Many (probably most or all) Christian greeting cards include a Bible verse. However, these cards include a verse that you can remove along a perforation and use as described on the back of each card:

“This card was designed to help you trust God with your situation or need.

Remove the verse along the perforation and place it inside

your sock/shoe as a constant reminder you are standing on

what Scripture says with every step of faith you take.”

Things you can feel good about…

90% of profits donated

90% of all profits from the sale of Linda’s Shoe Verse Cards are donated to Christian missions and/or charities. Our favorites are Samaritan’s Purse and the In Touch Ministries Messenger Lab. 

Made in the USA

All Linda’s Shoe Verse cards are designed and printed in Nashville, TN.

FSC certified

All cards are printed on environmentally friendly Forest Stewardship Council Certified Paper.

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