The Story Behind

the Cards:

In Loving Memory of Linda

“Faith you can stand on”

Although I don’t remember my mom ever using exactly that phrase, she taught me all about it nonetheless. It is in her memory that these cards are designed.

Keep reading for the inspiration behind the “shoe verse” and the unique circular shape of  Linda’s  Shoe  Verse  Cards.

The Story of the “Shoe Verse”

Throughout her lifetime my mom, Linda, was a constant source of encouragement.  Not only did she encourage me through difficult seasons of my own life, she also encouraged everyone around her.

She always made time for the suffering, lonely, hurting people that others seemed either not to have time for or notice. In many of our conversations about the difficult things in life, she would frequently say something like:


“I don’t have all of the answers, but I know Someone Who does….”


During particularly difficult times in my life and when my faith was most lacking, she often suggested that I “stand on the promises”.

She advised me to choose and place in my shoe a Bible verse relevant to my life situation at the time, so that my thoughts (every time I felt the verse in my shoe) would continually be redirected to trusting God.

On more than one occasion, I followed her advice and although my circumstances may not have changed immediately, I did eventually learn to place a greater trust in God and learn to better recognize His work and intervention in my life.

Ultimately, her advice led to the inspiration for these cards.



The Circle shape


My mom also wrote many letters of encouragement.  And almost without exception, she drew a smiley face at the end of her letter or signature. Consequently, the shape of these cards are round to commemorate the smiley face and the positive outlook my mom communicated with them.

Here is an example of her own handwriting and signature with the smiley face. I created this by finding each word (Linda, shoe, verse, cards) in old letters from her and cutting them out, taping them to a piece of paper and then copying it to look as though she wrote “Linda’s Shoe Verse Cards”.

The smiley face was her way of communicating hope and a positive outlook even when things were difficult. She always maintained her faith and positive outlook even when her own world was turned upside down by a variety of very difficult challenges, including cancer. Even then, she faced all of the difficulties of cancer with courage and faith, without being bitter or asking “why me?”

She always taught by example to those around her what it means to actually TRUST GOD no matter what.

Linda’s Shoe Verse Cards – The Name

A few years after she died, the idea for these cards literally came to me “out of the blue”.  I have always been drawn to suffering souls, and hoped that I could write some of my own words of encouragement as my mom had so many times.  Because I followed her example of including both written encouragement, and a reference to Scripture (the ultimate encouragement), I named these cards after her first name, Linda.

As mentioned above, the round shape of the cards commemorates the smiley face (and the positive outlook it implied) she always added to the end of her letters.  And it was her idea to put a Bible verse in your shoe to remind yourself that you can always trust God and every single word He gave us in Scripture.

So, really, these cards are HER gift to you.

So when you are out of hope, out of answers, and out of strength, I hope that the encouraging words and Scriptures on these cards will point you to Jesus, the One who has an unlimited supply of the peace that you need.

Yours truly,

Cristy, Linda’s Shoe Verse Cards


Other acknowledgements:

With gratitude to my sister, who allowed me to go through her huge selection of landscape photographs and use them on the front of each card. You can see or purchase more of her work at her website,


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